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Mechanical Engineering

BYU Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The Brigham Young University Branch of AIAA is a professional development society that seeks to educate and excite students interested in aerospace technologies, and promote fellowship among students interested in these topics.

The following BYU clubs provide hands-on project opportunities for students interested in aerospace:

BYU Aeronautics Club

To learn about the principles of flight, the BYU Aeronautics Club builds and flies unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and RC airplanes.

 Image of the BYU Aeronautics Club facebook cover photo

Visit the club Facebook here.
Visit the club Instagram here.

BYU Rocketry Club

The BYU Rocketry Club is dedicated to designing, building, and launching High Power rockets. The primary mission of the club is to provide students with hands-on experience that will enable them to become leaders and innovators in the space industry. In addition, club leadership is currently developing the infrastructure that will allow BYU students to build competition rockets for years to come.

Image of the BYU rocketry club

Visit the club website here.
Visit the club Facebook here.
Visit the club Instagram here.

BYU Drone Team

The BYU Drone Team is focused on building, modifying and racing FPV drones. Their vision is to create a team of pilots capable of competing on an international level and promote the sport and hobby of drone racing. They also hope to provide a fun atmosphere for all to learn more about the field of engineering and experience the freedom of flight.

image of the BYU drone team

Visit the club Facebook here.